From May to December 31, 2106
First joint exhibition: A quartet of artists
For this new season, which begins on the spot, Atelier Galerie Alex Darcy hosts a permanent exhibition of metal sculptor Michel Thomann, painter Dominique Kennel, design designer Gilles Bellagamba, sculptor Catherine Fouvry Leblois (CATeF) as well as the painter Alex Darcy ... 
The artists have carte blanche in the gallery. From May onwards, the Atelier Galerie Alex Darcy puts its monumental space at the disposal of four artists with different styles, paintings on wood and on canvases, sculptures on metal, on wood, and on terracotta. The cellar will allow to discover works outside their usual context ...
Free entry. Tel 0033 06 23 67 70 98.
The exhibition cave is open. Magical place that expands!
After a complete facelift the Atelier Galerie Alex Darcy's cave is now open and exhibits works by five different artists. Historic vestige of the city of Colmar, the cavern dates from 1540 and is a former military stronghold. One can still see old loopholes and its characteristic diamond shape. 
A true fortification work that is part of the enclosure of the body of the ancient ramparts of the city of Colmar, city of the Decapolis.
From May to December 31, 2106
Invited by TV7, local TV of Colmar in the program Curiocité, the artist Alex Darcy and his exhibitor the sculptor Michel Thomann answered the questions of Véronique Georgenthum.
METALISSIMO exhibition
Until 31 December. 
Discover the Art Deco works and graceful metallic éclatentes the sculptor Michel Thomann. 
Permanent exhibition from 15 October to 31 December, daily from 14h to 21h at the Atelier Gallery Alex Darcy, 12, Salmon Square, Colmar. 
In the Alex Darcy painter showroom in the workshop gallery, Michel Thomann has scattered fifteen sculptures. It reveals a large, elegant dancer, a table with contemporary lines, a pink flamingo in all its glory, a magnificent finely carved rooster, a light female bust made of thousands of small squares ... The creative process of this amateur sculptor is coincidence. "The shape of the piece of steel suggests to me the idea. Then I'm just solder some appropriate pieces to make it harmonious." His favorite themes: the most common objects of everyday life, women, birds that comes in all sizes. 
Michel Thomann is a complete artist in the art of working metal in all its forms and aspects. His works are made for both indoor and outdoor. For over twenty years he demonstrated an unwavering passion to master the skill. It attempts to translate the creative violence of forgings by working on various objects. Between man and the form, the duel is committed refereed by fire, once friend, enemy ten times ... Any temperature difference can ruin the quality of a room. Life is organized, progresses branches. Thousands of shapes between light and shadow throw themselves against each other, we feel the sap flow in this mangrove output of Sleep by Michel Thomann. 
Until December 31, the exhibition "Metalissimo" Michel Thomann is to see at Atelier Gallery Alex Darcy joint exhibition with contemporary acrylic works and design of the Colmar artist Alex Darcy. 
Free entry. Tel 0033 06 23 67 70 98.
The gallery workshop Alex Darcy celebrates its two years of existence. Already two years. Two years of hard work and beautiful artistic and public meetings. Without you, dear visitors the adventure could have stopped there. But the seasons do not follow each other and are not alike, and that is all the better. The season 2017, Alex Darcy opens its vault for new adventures. 100m ² of exhibition in full heart of the historical center of Colmar. And why not musical evenings ...
Free entry. Tel 0033 06 23 67 70 98.